Sunset beach engagement with couple laughing

Niagara Beach Engagements | Kristy and Paul

This was such a fun engagement shoot! I met Kristy and Paul last winter and will be photographing their wedding at John Michael's later in September. We had discussed different locations for their engagement shoot when we met and we eventually decided on a beach shoot.

They ended up being my couple this year that every time we booked a date for their engagements it would rain. I swear each year there is always one couple this happens to. But eventually we got lucky and the weather cooperated!

We met at Waverly Beach in Fort Erie. The sun was out and we had the entire beach to ourselves for their evening engagements. They told me they weren't photogenic but the two of them probably are the most photogenic couple I have ever photographed. Paul had Kristy laughing the entire time and the two of them were hilarious throughout the shoot. There was so many authentic 'in-between' moments where their love for each other truly came through and I loved every second of capturing it.

I can't wait to photograph their wedding next month!

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