Niagara Falls Elopement

Foggy Niagara Falls Elopement

Imagine waking up to a morning so misty that you can barely see beyond a few feet in front of you. This was the scene Fee and Chris woke up to on their recent trip from New Jersey to Niagara Falls for their elopement. Despite the unexpected fog, their spirits were high and their elopement was perfect.

We met each other across from Niagara Falls at the Oakes Garden Theatre. When we first met, Niagara Falls was completely blocked by a sea of fog. It was literally like being up in the clouds. But we used that to our advantage and got creative with it. Not often I can say I basically photographed a wedding in a cloud!

Fee and Chris had their ceremony atop the bridge inside Oakes Garden. They had one of their friends as their minister and Fee's father playing the bagpipes which was a hit amongst their guests and the tourists walking around Niagara Falls. Their ceremony was short and sweet and contained lots of laughs, a few tears and a big first kiss.

After we finished with the ceremony we headed across the street to Niagara Falls and we still couldn't see anything. We captured some beautiful, foggy picturesque photos and captured some family and group photos as well. Then, by some miracle with about 5 minutes left, the fog began to lift and we FINALLY were able to show off Niagara Falls in the background of their elopement photos! I was so happy it lifted, Fee and Chris were the nicest couple and I wanted them to have the waterfall in the background for at least some photos. They did travel here from New Jersey after all!

Congratulations Fee and Chris!